Couldn’t overlook this  one gents…

Gents, and ladies of course, how’s everyone holding up? Fantastic I hope and if not thinking positive is the name of the game. Okay so it’s been a minute since I last posted an article my bad life happened. Had a lot on my plate but am back and pumped with topics we can all relate to.  For example this one….’HER’.

Gents I know you might be thinking “damn do you really have to go there…?”. Well let’s keep it real guys…we all have that one who maybe got away or better yet lucky to still have around. If you haven’t had one yet ..she is coming bro! Best be prepared coz things can go south quick.


Anyone will tell you one good girl is worth twenty whores…

Let’s face it gents we men are weak when it comes to temptations. Talking about a ‘pretty face big butt’ type of situation; or whatever your preferences are I don’t judge.. we have different tastes. So you are at a club or say a good outdoor house party with good company, a couple of beers and you feel good after a couple of them. You know having a good time. Then it so happens a pretty face big butt is looking your way and looks interested  ..which might be a shock coz maybe it rarely happens (or never ) so you are even more excited  and instincts kick in and you plan your next move as any normal guy would do.


So there are two conditions before you  go for the kill.  You either (a) Have the realest girl at your place waiting for you to come home coz she cares for you. That’s your girl right there so yes you are in a relationship.

Or you are b) Completely and very much single which I should advice, please by all means,  advance effectively and immediately! All systems go haha .

If you were in the situation of the first guy.. what would be your next move? Trust me the first thought in your head will be her.. if you even care a bit about her that is. You will start second guessing because you don’t want to do her wrong yeah? But then again you turn to look at the gorgeous lady staring at you and it just ends up making the situation more difficult than it already is. The worst part would be if she made a move on you.. my advice would be to pray to God you are a stronger  man than you think you are.


I am no love doctor gents.. not even close.  But if such a situation was to occur you know what would have happened next coz I am assuming you are grown enough to be able to make decisions such as that. Simple right? Not quite.

All I can ask of you is to give that topic above a thought. That’s all. I know a couple of guys who if were given another chance to make it right would have said ” the devil is alive !” and walk away if they were in the situation of the first guy..


It’s not everyday someone comes and leaves an impression…

Really trying not to go there …that soft/emotional spot we all have but of course too proud to show it. With that said, if you have a real one with you.. , a good lady by your side who has always got your back and encourages, motivates and supports you ..do right by her side .She deserves it. If you don’t another guy will step up and gladly do that for you .


If it’s too late and you were caught (as most of us find ourselves..) or she got smarter and pulled out.. I could have said “I told you” but then again you did not find this blog post earlier.

But if you are reading this and it’s not too late for you…I think you are smart enough to know what the right thing to do is. Maybe this is a sign for you somehow you never know. The universe has its way of doing things that might surprise you.

Signing out…

Finally! I did not know how long I would survive having my defenses down like that.  But real talk though, at some point gents we all get to experience her.. some short lived some growing each day.

If you are not the lucky one sorry bro. It can sting like a b****. What you can do is accept what you can’t change (if it’s too late to change things; if not give it one more try if you know she worth it), make peace with it and her (though they are quite bitter the first few months or so so I suggest keeping off until they have calmed down if you don’t want to be slapped or worse lol ), genuinely wish her the very best ( if you loved her enough ..you know she deserves the best), grow a huge pair of balls and move on…simple as that.

If she comes back to her senses and maybe just maybe takes you back. .she was supposed to be yours in the first place so don’t screw things up this time. If that’s not the case well … pick yourself up. When was the last time you travelled? Or just gone for a walk around the neighborhood ?  Coz there are A LOT of beautiful single ladies out there…waiting for you. Besides…change is good for everybody :). Try it. CHEERS!



First of all shout out to everybody who’s trying to get their life together. Working on yourself is the hardest part of life. The rest comes after.

I sat back for a while to try figure out how I can best write about this topic..how it can actually sort of get through to you because not all have realised or come across this point in life and I am glad mine came at the best time.



I am talking about what drives you? That burning desire for success which sadly not everyone has. Dont settle for average..mediocrity. Following the herd clueless… try something different..or follow your passion as they say and see how it just might turn out to be the best decision you ever made in life.

I mean you owe it to yourself to get the best out of life. Respect yourself that much. But then again not everyone thinks this way right..Though I am sure I am speaking to someone out there. You maybe?





Think big. Believe big. Act big.
Its good to associate yourself with people who are in a place in life where you would like to be or see yourself there in the foreseeable future. I found the privilege of meeting such a person and since then things are coming to perspective and clear than ever before.




Its good to be able to know exactly what you want out of life and have a plan to work towards it never loosing focus… and that will only happen if you have the passion for it. Without passion any rational person would give up.

My good friend always asks me if I dont get tired doing my work and the reply I always give her is that to me I don’t view it as work exactly..I enjoy it so I don’t really see it as work. When you become over-committed that’s when the magic happens.




What you think, you believe. What you believe, you create…the mind is a very powerful tool and if you can manage to control your thoughts and emotions and channel your energy in investing in yourself..you just might be surprised what you are capable of.
Control your focus. Don’t waste time paying attention to insignificant events or people. Tunnel vision on building a better life for yourself. Work on yourself!




‘All roads to success have to pass through hard work boulevard at some point..’ was what I was told about a year ago. I have come to appreciate hard work and dedication because of the results they bring. It’s never easy and there is no shortcut to success (as I came to find out the hard way) .. but then you also have to work smart you know..

That’s why the rich stay rich because they know the hardwork and long hours they had to put in and sacrifice to reach where they are in life…and that created a habit second to nature to always fight and work in order to remain successful and the top of their game.




Put your money where your mouth is.. act your wage.
Many people only dream and sit back and say they are going to be successful or make it in life but dont actually put in work. Funny thing they the loudest ones in room. Its better to work in silence and let your success speak for itself.

There are a lot of fakes out there whose words carry no weight at all only deceiving themselves. Stay away from such people. If it doesn’t make you happy, money or help you in any way..cut off those things in life. Stay away from negativity, you dont need that…


I am no millionaire,yet, but I have seen, met and talked to those of such positions and I cannot begin to explain how much I have learned. Ever heard of the saying ‘ If you hang out with five broke or unsuccessful people you are bound to be the sixth..and if you hang out with five successful people you are bound to be the sixth..’.

I think its true because the bunch I met were all successful and yet to reach the age of 27..driving all german cars as a sort of a competition but a healthy one you know…always challenging each other.




I remember sitted in the same table with them over a bottle of some whiskey ( Glen morangie) just listening to them. It felt like I was seated in a class room..only differnce was it wasn’t some boring teacher speaking and also I did not have a paper and pen to jot down the ideas that were flying around the table. I was impressed.. the ideas yes were very good but then again its not like I had the money to jump in and contribute ..that was not what impressed me.

Their mindset. How they were all so focused and very specific on their thoughts and ideas.. especially on the execution of these ideas because they kept insisting on the foundation or first steps of these projects they were thinking of trying out.




I liked the atmosphere and I somehow saw they were all like minded people and best of friends…and they are always together building and motivating each other to do better than the previous day…that’s the type of company I would like I don’t know about you.

Mine was simple.. being at the right place at the right time. That day I found myself on that table with those gents and just getting to listen to them is when I sort of understood everything..what is needed and expected of you if you really want the best out of life and I try everyday to get closer to my goals..

Small improvements everyday can have a significant impact in the long run and they have been rewarding and educative for me. It has set me on a course for the past year that has been enlightening and humbling. Hope you can find something you are passionate about and pursue them aggressively. Hope to someday meet you at the top. Cheers!






Dress Code.

A gents dress code

I have been waiting to write about this topic for a while now.Some might take it lightly because most fail to see the impact your dress code can have. By the end of this post you just might have to make a whole bunch of changes in your closet my friend..

The way you dress speaks a lot about you. How you carry yourself rather and this is shown directly through how you dress…

Picture a guy who is focused,disciplined, neat and you know just a straight up guy (I am sure we all have that one friend ) . I dont think you might ever catch him wearing a rather creased shirt or sagging pants right? Unless he is going through some midlife crisis or something of the sort.Because thats how he sees himself and reflects it by dressing how he feels best suits him as an individual.





You look good you play good..

I personally love suits..I mean who doesn’t! You look neat,smart,serious and most importantly you look like you have your shit together. People will take you seriously and first impression is key. It builds you as an individual and how you would like people to see you or treat you.




When you put on your outfit of the day and look at yourself in the mirror and you know you look good..you feel good about yourself. That already sets up your mood for the day and now you are even more eager to go one with your days’ agenda.

As I said, you feel good you play good. Be it work or a meeting you are to attend you already have that positive energy. Undertake whatever tasks you have ahead with a smile, and your positive attitude or energy transmits to whoever you work with or might have shared a moment of the day with you(nothing but positive vibes).Most likely the results are good too.

Suits are not the only piece of clothing that makes head turns. Taste… not everyone has it and for those who have it, it differs. Whatever your taste is try not to over do it..hope am making sense. ‘ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’…try not to mix a bunch of ideas in one outfit you might end up messing your look.




Nice clean pair of niky’s or just sneakers couple it with some nice fitting jeans and a shirt or T shirt and finish it off with a leather jacket is a good look for a not so serious day. If you like casual pair of lofas, nice khaki pants and a shirt does the trick. Simple. And ofcourse a wrist watch…

In the end you know what you like ..what your taste is. You can never be too over dressed. Start your day with a positive attitude and you can tackle the obstacles ahead with confidence and even get to add a smile to it. You look good you feel good you play good..



Ladies especially find a man who dresses well attractive. Maybe you might not pull it off in the looks department(sorry to say so but you know yourselves better gents).. but if you can dress good that changes the game. Its sad if you loose at both fronts..choose one struggle my friend not both!

I dare you to take a shot at it guys and see how the world looks at you 😎…

Quote of the week:


Nothing Beats A Gent.

Why a gentleman in the first place?

Ever asked yourself that question? Like really thought the whole phenomenon behind the name, ‘gentleman’ . For us men its nice to hear being regarded as one. Its as if you have been awarded a medal for standing out to be more than just a man. Atleast that’s how I see it..

Look at the name for instance..

The name comprises of two words… there’s ‘gentle’ and there’s ‘man’.
Gentle, we all know what it means. To be careful and thoughtful I suppose especially when it comes to the opposite sex. They want a man who has a heart as they say.

Then there’s the word ‘Man’ . There is a sort of energy and pride that naturally comes out or tends to show when that word is uttered in whatever context or situation it is used in ..not only by us but also them… (you know, women). When they say ‘He is such a man..’ you know that sort of thing.

This comes and tips the balance from gentle. A man has all sorts of traits but I tend to think of us as beasts. Yes a beast.

Not this cute beast..

Not this cute beast..

A bit too much?

No not at all! For instance, we exhibit dominance in almost everything that we do. We occasionaly fight in an attempt to show the other who is better or stronger. We protect our loved ones and things that we care about. And another notable feature is that we are very proud creatures.

A man needs to be able to stand alone when no one else is.. should be confident ,respectful, loyal,patient among other traits.
Women for instance like a man who stands his ground and surprisingly enough also one who doesn’t agree with everything they say.. weird but true. To them you should be an authority – sort of a father figure , as I was once told! Go ahead ask them if you will.(Dont that would be weird…).

Imagine a scenario (that actually exist by the way) where you are the type of man that does not have a single say in any decisions that you make as a couple or are not a capable provider be it to your partner or family..they loose respect for you. And respect my friend you dont want that line crossed.

So what do you get in the end…

A man that will gladly open the car door for you and smack your behind while you are at it 🙂 .Don’t get me wrong I dont want to come out as being disrespectful but you get a taste of both sides…sort of a bitter sweet thing going on because too much of one gets boring with time. Ladies do seem to like it though!

I came across this interesting quote – ‘a gentleman is a patient wolf’ . You see its good to be caring and thoughtful but yet again no one needs a cry baby that one can boss around…


Coming out as a gentleman makes you enjoy both worlds and I believe that that balance is what makes up a true gent..among other topics that I will be sharing.
Quote of the week: